Two more persons die of measles in Romania, death toll climbs to 21. New vaccination law at issue

Measles has made another two victims in Romania: a one-year-old baby and a 17-year-old girl. None was vaccinated against measles. The girl also had some health problems.

Overall, 21 people died of measles in Romania in the past one year and a half.

The measles cases in Romania also stirred the World Health Organization’s concern, which has recently warned our country and Italy to take urgent action to address a spike in measles cases.

Both countries have immunisation rates below the 95 percent level, WHO says, adding that is necessary to protect the wider population from an outbreak.

The Romanian health authorities are working on a new vaccination law, which however doesn’t stipulate yet any sanctions against parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.

“The draft law doesn’t contain a sanction chapter. The sanctions will be encompassed in the draft law following public debates and discussions in the Parliament health committees. We know this chapter is necessary,” Health minister Florian Bodog said on Tuesday, adding that the parent can refuse the vaccination, but he will do it on his own account.

The vaccination draft law is available on the Health Ministry’s website. The document entails that the authorised institutions can be notified over the crime of ill-treatment against the child if the minor hasn’t been vaccinated according to the age.

Measles and scarlatine quarantine at Craiova Hospital for Infectious Diseases

The Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Craiova is isolated following rise of measles and scarlatine cases.

“The quarantine has been enforced for the number of patients with measles and scarlatine has increased. We had 47 cases of measles admitted in the hospital on Monday, and 13 cases of scarlatine. The quarantine is an attempt to reduce as much as we can the inflow of visitors in the hospital,” said Constantin Ecobici, the hospital’ medical director.


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