Two Romanian university professors arrested then released in Turkey in the coup attempt case

Two Romanian professors teaching at the University in Karabuk have been taken on remand in Turkey on August 13 and released on Tuesday, August 16. Although their arrest occurred within the campaign identifying those involved in the coup d’etat attempt, the two Romanians have been released after three days without being charged.

The two Romanian nationals are Augustin Chifane and Cristina Chifane, who are employed as lector and instructor at the University in Karabuk in Turkey, official sources told Mediafax.

They have not been charged, but when released the Turkish authorities seized their mobile phones and laptops.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed the case of the two Romanian professors. MAE told the above-mentioned news agency that it had provided a lawyer and a translator for the two Romanian nationals.

Following the diplomatic mission’s actions upon the Karabuk Police, the Turkish authorities informed that the two Romanian citizens had been released, without being charged of any crime (…) The Romanian citizens were recommended to cooperate with the police officers during their investigation. The Romanian Embassy in Ankara is monitoring the case and is in contact with the Turkish authorities and with the Romanian citizens,” reads the MAE release.

Turkish minister: Mind the Gulen schools in Romania!

In a different strike, the Turkish minister of Development Lutfi Elvan, on a two-day visit in Romania, warned in a press conference in Bucharest that the schools financed by the Gulen movement in Romania could underlie a potential coup d’etat like the one in Turkey on July 15.

We see you as friends and I honestly tell you to be on the watch with the schools of the FETO terrorist organization, what happened in Turkey might happen here, as well,” the Turkish minister stated, as quoted by Mediafax.

We went through it and we don’t want you experiencing the same situation”, the minister added. The Turkish official pointed out that the Gulen movement ‘is recruiting’ children from the age of 5, sometimes even children of some high ranking officials, who invest very much (e.n in their education) and then place them in public institutions.

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