Udrea says she will come back to Romania, but she will stay in Costa Rica during her first trimester of pregnancy

A day after pictures from Costa Rica featuring former minister Elena Udrea and Alina Bica, her friend and former DIICOT head, had been posted on Facebook, Elena Udrea, defendant in several corruption files in Romania, explained that she will return to the country, but for the moment, she intends to stay in Costa Rica during her first trimester of pregnancy, for the warm climate and to have some peace. Elena Udrea announced several weeks ago that she is pregnant with twins.

Udrea says she doesn’t understand all the hysteria caused by her departure. The former Tourism minister revealed that she is staying at the hotel for now, but that she will have to find a solution, yet adding that prices are very high in Costa Rica and “one cannot afford here what is usually affordable in Romania.”

Udrea also pointed out that there are good medical services in Costa Rica, on the same level as in Romania and there are hospitals available for foreigners.

My doctor recommended me to stay still. If it’s warmer ad more peaceful out here, except for the time when Romanians are posting photos, it’s better to stay here at least during my first trimester of pregnancy, to be sure everything will be fine,” she stated, adding that she will come back to Romania “when there are more guarantees that the pregnancy is going well”.

This is the reason I preferred to stay. Anyone is calling me I’ll answer my phone, but the phone is pretty expensive here. I think I am moderate. It’s very expensive here. You cannot afford what you can afford in Romania. It’s very hard to buy a house. Food is four times more expensive than in Romania,” she said.

As for Alina Bica, Udrea insisted that she has some medical backbone problems and she is undergoing some medical procedures in Cost Rica. About the photos featuring both of them at a restaurant in Costa Rica, Udrea says there are many Romanians in Costa Rica who could have taken a picture of them.

Udrea, defendant in the “Bute Gala” file, among others, says she doesn’t think of a potential final sentence.

Why should we think of such an abusive thing? Let’s think I will have a fair trial and I can only be acquitted in such circumstances,” Udrea told Romania TV.

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