Unemployment rate up to 4.02pc in December 2017

The unemployment rate, at the end of December 2017, was of 4.02%, up by 0.75 percentage points against the same period in the previous year and by 0.02 percentage points against November 2017, the National Agency for Employment (ANOFM) informs on Friday.

According to the quoted source, of the 351,105 persons registered by the territorial employment agencies, 72,917 received unemployment benefits.

The unemployment rate among men increased from 4.18% in November 2017 to 4.23% and the women’s unemployment rate fell from 3.79% to 3.76%.

By residence, out of the total number of unemployed, 101,522 persons were from urban areas and 249,583 from rural areas. Most unemployed were 40-49 years old (101,778), followed by those aged 30-39 years (69,940).

At the opposite end there were those aged 25-29 (24,873).

The ANOFM figures also reveal that, by the level of education, the unemployed without education and those with primary, secondary and vocational education had the highest share in the total unemployed registered in the Agency’s records (79.68%), while the unemployed with higher level of education, high school and post-high school education, represented 15.63% and those with university studies 4.70%.


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