Update 2: Fashion designer Razvan Ciobanu – buried. Expertise on the accident reveals airbags opened at 126 km/h

Fashion designer Răzvan Ciobanu, dead on the second day of Easter in a terrible accident, was buried on Thursday. The fashion designer was buried in the Bucharest Progress Cemetery. Along with relatives were close friends of the designer, many of them people in the fashion industry. Those who knew him better say they are shocked by Răzvan’s death and cannot explain what could have happened.

The preliminary expertise on the SUV driven by fashion designer Razvan Ciobanu reveals that the airbags opened at the speed of 126 km/h, the speed when the impact occurred. The vehicles’ computer shows that the SUV had reached speeds of 250 km/h, sources quoted by sigi24.ro informed Thursday morning.

The investigators say Ciobanu could have driven at the speed of 250 km/h on the highway and rule out that he was driving at this speed when the accident took place.

On Wednesday, the prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanta Court made the first statements regarding the accident in which fashion designer Razvan Ciobanu has died.

The institution’s office for media says that “the investigation has revealed that the vehicle driven by fashion designer Ravan Ciobanu went off the road in the area of Sacele locality, Constanta County, went on about 850 metres and overturned due to field bumps. The driver was alone in the car and was not wearing a seat belt. A technical expertise on the vehicle is to be conducted to establish the dynamics of the accident,” the prosecutors say, according to adevarul.ro.

They add that the victim was thrown out of the SUV and found nearby, face down. The SMURD specialists (emergency physicians – our note) arrived at the site following an emergency call to 112, verified the victim’s position by specific procedures. Regarding the objects reportedly taken over by locals, the prosecutors say that, after the investigation at the site and after the policemen left, some irrelevant components remained at the site, they may have been taken over by passersby.

The criminal investigation representatives have decided to conduct necropsy and the preliminary conclusions were: “Razvan Ciobanu’s death was violent and was consequence of acute anemia, following polytrauma with broken aorta and internal hemorrhage, along with lung, hepatic and thoracic column fractures. The lesions found could have been the consequence of the road accident and by the collisions with tough bodies and could have resulted in death. Biological samples were taken during the biopsy and the toxicological analysis is to be conducted by the Mina Minovici Forensic Institute in Bucharest.”

On Tuesday, the President of the Federation of National Union of Policemen and Contractual Staff in Romania, Dumitru Coarnă, said the preliminary tests made by on fashion designer Răzvan Ciobanu show that he had taken drugs. The union leader said on Tuesday these tests are inconclusive and must be confirmed by the toxicological analyzes which will be ready in about three weeks.

Fashion designer Razvan Ciobanu died in a car accident, which occurred on Monday morning in Constanta County. The accident took place at the exit from Sacele to Navodari, on National Road DN 22B.


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