Update: 8-year old child in critical condition after being bitten by dogs

A eight-year old boy was bitten by four dogs and is hospitalized in critical condition at the Emergency Hospital for Children in Cluj-Napoca.

The medical director of the hospital said that “the prognosis is very reserved” and that “practically, there is no area of at least 25 square centimetres of skin that has not been affected.”

Cluj police spokeswoman, Carmen Jucan said on Friday that a criminal file has been opened, digi24.ro informs.

“Yesterday, around 17.45h, an eight-year old minor entered the premises of a company in Campia Turzii, where he was attacked by the four dogs in the courtyard and suffered multiple bites. A criminal file for negligence for injury by fault has been opened,” Carmen Jucan said.

She also said that the boy was first transported to a medical facility in Campia Turzii and then he was transferred to the UPU (Emergencies) Cluj, where he is in serious condition.

Medical sources said that the boy underwent a 6-hour surgery during the night in order to stop the bleeding. The same sources say that the boy was bitten by more than 20 times, including by the face.

The boy is hospitalized in critical condition in the intensive care unit of Children’s Emergency Hospital in Cluj-Napoca, doctors are reserved about his development.

“He was in hemorrhagic shock following traumatic bleeding wounds and shock. He needs transfusions and other interventions, but the difficult period is coming as this whole part of the traumatic shock begins to manifest. The prognosis is quite reserved, considering that our surgeon has an experience of 15 years and he told me he had never seen anything like this. Basically, there is no area of at least 25 square centimetres of skin that has not been affected,” said Călin Lazăr, medical director of the Emergency Hospital for Children Cluj-Napoca, quoted by News.ro.

According to physicians, the boy will remain hospitalized for at least one month and then, most likely he will need a psychologist to overcome this trauma.

The representatives of the Police have notified the Child Protection in Cluj, the child was alone when he entered the courtyard of a company.

The four animals were taken by Animal Control Service of the City Hall until the investigation is completed.

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