Update: MAE brings the three girls from Gaza strip back to Romania, mother stops hunger strike. ‘It was now or never’…

The Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) has announced late on Tuesday that the three girls blocked in Gaza strip, for which their mother went on hunger strike downtown Bucharest, are on the way to Romania and are expected to arrive Wednesday morning, tvr.ro informed.

The three teenagers have landed in Bucharest Wednesday morning, after being seized for almost ten years by their father in Gaza strip, digi24.ro informs.

Their mother, Cerasela Ţuţuianu, on hunger strike until yesterday, had not seen them for six years. “This separation will have emotional consequences all our lives, on them and will take some time to get balanced. I am sure tragic things would have happened without the involvement of the Foreign Ministry to bring them home. I will do everything I can so that 17 years of sadness are followed by 17 years of joy,” the mother said after the girls’ arrival.

Cerasele Tutuianu added: “I am so happy and I will never be able to thank enough those people for saving my daughters’ lives.”

One of the girls said: “Lately the situation has become very complicated. Had we not have left now, then when? The situation would have become even more complicated if we lived like that. So we decided to leave, now or never.”

Another daughter said: “We were sure we will see each other again, but it took a very long time. We know we need time, nevertheless we knew it was dangerous to wait any longer. It’s hard to explain.”

Although they were born in Romania, they do not have Romanian identity papers.

The expenditures for repatriation are borne by the Romanian state.

Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Paul Ciocoiu said: “We have invested a lot of energy, many resources. We had consular teams, besides the team that coordinated everything. We had mobile consular teams from thirteen consular representations in the region. We had consular teams that have accompanied the three Romanian girls on the way.”

According to MAE, a consular team accompanied the girls to the Erez border point (Israel) to the border with Jordan. A second consular team accompanied them from the King Allenby/King Hussein Bridge point and has provided the consular assistance to the Queen Alia/Amman airport to board them on the aircraft to Bucharest.

Cerasela Tutuianu, mother of three, was on hunger strike for five days in the old centre of Bucharest. She urged the repatriation of her daughters from the Gaza Strip. The woman is afraid that their lives were in danger because of their Palestinian father, who could kill or mutilate them for life.

A month ago, the sisters ran away from home and have been hiding ever since. They did not have travel documents on them, but they asked for help from the Romanian representatives in Tel Aviv and Ramallah. Their mother has asked for help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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