Update: The UK to deploy Typhoon fighter jets in Romania. Canada intends to deploy F-18s

The UK will send Typhoon jets in Romania. It is the first time these fighter jets are brought into Romania. They will take part to air police missions, digi24.ro informs.

The announcement was made by British Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon. He said the decision was taken due to the context in which both our country and the regional partners have asked for strengthened security in the Black Sea area.

The Typhoon planes will participate in missions of air police and counter any infringement of NATO airspace in south-eastern Europe.

The aircraft for the NATO missions of air police are based in RAF Coningsby airbase and will be deployed to the Mihail Kogalniceanu airbase in eastern Romania as of 2017, for four months, hotnews.ro reports.

The measure comes following the decisions made at the NATO summit in Warsaw this summer in order to strengthen the air defence capacity in the Black sea region and following the NATO Defence Ministers meeting in Brussels during October 26-27.

Canada intends to deploy F-18 fighter jets and frigates in the Black Sea in 2017 as well

Canada intends to deploy frigates in the Black Sea and CF-18 Hornet fighter jets in Romania for air police missions in 2017 too, as such fighters were stationed at Campia Turzii air base and Mihail Kogalniceanu air base in 2016. Furthermore, Canada has decided to contribute with staff to making operational the Multinational Brigade in Craiova (south-western Romania).

During the NATO Defence Ministers meeting in Brussels on Wednesday October 26, Defence Minister Mihnea Motoc had a bilateral meeting with Canadian counterpart Harjit Singh Sajjan, MoD informs.

MoD says that Minister Motoc has expressed appreciation for Canada’s solidarity and commitment in strengthening the NATO deterrence capability in the eastern flank and has especially noticed the deployment of the air group with F-18 fighter jets in Romania, both in 2014 at Campia Turzii and in 2016 at Mihail Kogalniceanu air base, as well as the frigates deployed in the Black Sea.

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