USR proposes radical restructuring plan for Bucharest, no more sectors

USR Bucharest wants to disband the Capital’s 6 sectors and the administrative structure of Ilfov county. The opposition party has launched the restructuring draft plan for Bucharest to public debate today, proposing 20 districts to replace the current 6 sectors, each one to be represented by three elected councilmen.

According to the USR plan, the Capital General Council would be also out and would be replaced by a Municipal Council consisting of the councilmen of the future districts.

The plan also says that Bucharest general mayor to be elected by direct vote in two rounds and to have five managers under command, managing finances, urban mobility, social, culture and sports affairs. There will be only one budget of expenses and investments.
The amendments also include a manager of the Bucharest Metropolis.

The chairwoman of USR Bucharest, Roxana Wring explained that the Parliament is called to debate the draft, arguing the changes are needed so that “Bucharest could function as a modern city”. “Bucharest is the only capital of a European state that has seven mayors, seven councils, seven budgets. So, there are seven cities in one city. No city can function like this”, Wring said, arguing that Bucharest and Ilfov county used to take separate decisions without consulting each other, but which impacted on both administrations.

“The example of the blocks of flats that are chocking the city’s outskirts is just one effect of this reality. The same goes for the utilities, public transport or sanitation“, the USR Bucharest leader stated.

In early June, the incumbent mayor of Bucharest, Soc Dem Gabriela Firea used to make a shocking statement, that the Capital is on the brink of bankruptcy.

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