Vessel having 70 migrants onboard, intercepted in Romanian Black Sea waters. Other 24 migrants captured at Nadlac customs

Border police officers have intercepted a vessel having 70 migrants onboard (23 children, 12 women and 35 men) on Monday near the Romanian Black Sea coast. One of the women is pregnant, investigators say and was transported to Mangalia hospital.

The Coast Guard immediately embarked on a mission with two ships from Mangalia and Constanta to identify the suspected vessel, informs.

A dozen people have been found on board the ship. The vessel was escorted to the Mangalia Navy Group. Border police have an investigation ongoing.

The Coast Guard further informed that the vessel was seen, during the night of Sunday to Monday, at 23 maritime miles from Mangalia.

Also on Monday, 24 Syrian and Iraqi migrants have been identified when trying to illegally cross the border to reach a country in the Schengen area with the help of a Romanian citizen. Most migrants were asylum seekers in Romania. Among these were minors, the youngest being two years old.

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