Victor Spirescu, the first Romanian who ‘invaded’ the UK, dies in accident aged 33

Victor Spirescu, the first Romanian who ‘invaded’ the UK after the lifting of restrictions on January 1, 2014, has died in an accident, aged 33.

The news comes from a post on Facebook by one of his friends, reports.

“Today, we’ve lost a very dear friend of mine and of my family, he has left too soon. Three years ago he told me ‘I haven’t lived in vain, I lived life to the full.’ May your soul rest in peace! Condolences to the family!” the post by Adrian Claudiu reads.

According to sources, Victor Spirescu was about to get married.

Spirescu arrived in Britain on January 1, 2014 to find a job. Officially he was the first immigrant to reach the UK after the lifting of restrictions. Journalists and British MPs were waiting at the airport what was expected to be an exodus. Labour MP Keith Vaz greeted him at the airport. But Victor Spirescu was the only Romanian to ‘invade’ Britain.

Firstly, he found a job as car washer. Then, after an interview granted to Sky News, for which he received GBP 500, he bought a phone and started to look for jobs¸ informs.

At the end of 2015 he was businessman. Almost two years since the start of his British adventure, he said he wanted to contradict the ones who did not believe in him.

“I have no problem with the money right now. I’ve set up my own business. I install ventilation systems and I also sell them, it’s a business with three employees. I can say I live better than I did in Romania and I am not thinking to come back,” Spirescu said.

He added it wasn’t easy to become a businessman among the British. He faced times without a job and lived on the money from Romania, but at the time he was proud of his achievements.

Later on he was saying he does not want to come back to Romania, as he was earning GBP 2,000 per month, he had bought a car and was about to move to a new apartment.

For the moment, there is no information about the accident.

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