Water crisis in Romania. The Danube, at the lowest level in the last 30 years. Authorities make call against waste

Environment Minister Tanczos Barna says much of the country is affected by drought at various stages. The Danube has reached its lowest level in 30 years. Under these conditions, the Government asks the population not to waste water. Also, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca asked the ministers for a coherent plan to support local authorities in the context of extreme weather events.

“75% of the country is affected by various phases of pedological drought – moderate, strong or extreme. We have repeatedly called for a rational consumption of drinking water. Drinking water requires huge investments and we can not, especially in times of drought, consume 5-10 times more than in a normal period to water,” said Tanczos Barna.

He argued that in some areas it rained half the annual average. „Regarding the strategic water reserves, the 40 accumulation lakes with strategic importance are at a filling degree of 68%; we can ensure the strategic water reserve, but, in parallel, certain river basins suffer from a huge deficit of precipitation. There are already basins where there are dry rivers and there are already river basins where the phenomena of prolonged drought show their effects”, the minister added.

Tanczos Barna also said that the Danube level is lower than in previous years. “We have somewhere at 3000 liters per second, below the average of 5800-6000

The National Administration “Romanian Waters” (ANAR) had also warned that, during this period, it is necessary that the water reserves be used rationally for all uses, specifying, at the same time, that it does not recommend watering the gardens and filling some pools or pools, says an ANAR press release.

“It is extremely important for the population to understand that the drinking water supply systems have been sized without the use of irrigation and we do not recommend during this period the watering of the gardens and the filling of some pools”, ANAR representatives say.

The water reserve in the main 40 accumulation lakes managed by ANAR and SPEEH Hidroelectrica SA is today 3.45 billion cubic meters of water. This can ensure the need for raw water for all beneficiaries of the centralized surface water source.

“The forecast of an average monthly flow of the Danube (issued by INHGA) still indicates a low value in July, respectively around 3000 m3 / s. To this is added a low contribution of the average monthly tributary flows in the inland lakes of Romania Therefore, we estimate that at the end of July, in the 40 main reservoirs with an important role in water supply for the population, industry and electricity production), the filling coefficient will be reduced. it will decrease from 82% as it is today to 68% “, according to the press release.

At this moment, 115 localities from Botoşani, Galaţi, Bacău, Neamţ, Vrancea, Cluj and Argeş counties are affected by the drought.

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