Wave of tropical air to bring unusual temperatures for this period as of next week

February started with spring weather. In some areas even 15 degrees Celsius were recorded. However, meteorologists announce that this weekend the picture changes. There will be rain, snow and sleet across most of the country. At the beginning of next week, however, tropical air will bring spring temperatures to Romania.

Meteorologist Mihai Timu told Digi24 that a cold air front will bring a slight cooling of the weather this weekend.

Today the temperatures start to drop, they will be between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius. “The weather will be closed especially in the intracarpathian areas, where there will be precipitation. There will be snow in Maramureș and Transylvania, rain and sleet in Banat and Crișana. The snow in the mountains will not be quantitative. We will have a warming of the weather, on Sunday will exceed ten degrees across the country. The first part of the week will bring much warmer weather than usual, we are talking about tropical air that will migrate to south-east Europe, including over our country. In the first part of next week there will be spring temperatures across the country. At night, temperatures will fluctuate between 0 and 7 degrees,” said the meteorologist.

The temperatures will be above the normal values of the calendar period between February 5 and 19 and slightly lower towards the end of the month, announce the meteorologists, who published the forecast for the next four weeks on Friday. Also, ANM announces rainfall throughout the country in the second half of February.

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