Weather forecast: Up to 17C on Christmas

The weather will be particularly warm for Christmas throughout the country, and the temperatures will be between 8 and 17 degrees Celsius, the general director of the National Meteorological Administration (ANM), Elena Mateescu, announced on Friday.
“Monday, December 25, for Christmas, we expect particularly warm weather. We are talking about temperatures that will be between 8 and 17 degrees Celsius across the country, which means a significant jump, 14 degrees above what would be normal. Wind gusts will also be possible in the lower relief areas, with speeds of 45 – 55 km/h, and in the high mountain area gusts of 70 – 90 km/h. Certainly on Tuesday, December 26, on the scale of the whole country, we expect values of 12 – 16 degrees Celsius, with 15 – 16 degrees in the Capital. Indeed, we will have a warm Christmas, as we have become accustomed to having in recent years, let’s talk about the period of the Christmas holiday and the transition between years of warmer weather than usual. Practically, the last winters also brought us warmer weather during this period, at least in the lower relief areas, and, unfortunately, without layer of snow,” she said.
However, meteorologists assured that the snow cover will be consistent in the mountains. “This time, winter sports lovers can rejoice, because the snow cover in the mountains will be consistent, taking into account the latest warnings, which brought, especially in the mountain area, at altitudes higher than 1,500 meters, more significant amounts of snow”, said the head of ANM.
The weather will be warmer in Bucharest as well, by more than 10 degrees than normal for the period, with temperatures rising to 18 degrees on Monday and Tuesday. It will be warm in Bucharest too. If on Sunday we count on 10 – 11 degrees, already on Monday and Tuesday we count on values of 17 – 18 degrees in the Capital, with weather that will be characterized by at least gusts of wind for Sunday , between 40 – 50 km/h, with a temporarily variable sky, but significantly the weather will be warmer, as I mentioned, by more than 10 degrees than what would be normal for this period”, she said.
Christmas Eve, Sunday 24 December, will be warmer than usual in most parts of the country in terms of temperatures, with highs generally falling from zero up to 2 degrees Celsius in Maramureş or in the north of Transylvania, at 14 – 15 degrees in the south of Oltenia and in the southwest of Muntenia. Also, in the Capital, there will be maximums of 10 – 11 degrees on Sunday, which would mean values 5 to 10 degrees higher than this period, says Elena Mateescu.
Pia storm episode
However, until the spring temperatures on Christmas, Romania is experiencing an episode of Pia storm that has already made havoc throughout Europe.
Romanian meteorologists warn that the phenomenon will be quite strong, having the force of a hurricane. The entire country will be under code orange and yellow for wind, heavy blizzard and snow. It’s about peripheral influences, because this storm formed in the north has already lost some of its energy. There were very serious effects in Great Britain, in Holland, in Denmark, and generally in the northern part of Europe. We are also feeling the effects of the passage of this system and there are already warnings and warnings in the mountain area. That’s where the effects are felt the strongest, wind, snow, the very strong wind will be present in most of the country, but obviously the highest values of the wind speed will also be in the mountain area“, explained Roxana Bojariu, climatologist, at Digi24.
The climatologist added that the effects will be felt especially in the mountainous area. It’s about these few days, until Sunday, when we will still have manifestations of the passage of the North Atlantic cyclone. It will be something special especially in the mountainous area and obviously we will have wind intensifications everywhere in the country, but it will not hit with the force with which it hit northern Europe and it only affects us with its periphery. The areas where we will also have precipitation will be especially the mountain and north, northwest. The wind will cause effects throughout the country, strong wind gusts, which can reach 65 km/h in lower areas of the country or maybe 80 km/h in some areas”, Bojariu explained.
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