Weather radical shift in Bucharest. Lower temperatures, with sleet and snow expected over the weekend

After a few days with sun and unusually high temperatures, the weather will be cloudy on the weekend and there will be temporary light rain in Bucharest, meteorologists announced.

There will be mostly sleet and snowfall on the morning of January 8 and rain for the rest of Saturday and Sunday. The wind will be moderate. The minimum temperature from Friday night to Saturday will be 0 … 1 degree, while on Saturday and Saturday towards Sunday, the air temperature will not change significantly and will have values ​​of 2 … 4 degrees, according to the weathermen.

Lower temperatures and snow in the rest of the country, too

According to meteorologists, it will snow until Sunday, in Banat, Crişana, Maramureş and in the west and northwest of Transylvania. The National Meteorological Administration issued on Friday a weather report of moderate precipitation, predominantly snow, for Banat, Crişana, Maramureş and the west and northwest of Transylvania, valid from Saturday, from 4:00, until Sunday, at 12: 00.

According to meteorologists, there will be mostly snow in the mentioned areas and a layer of snow will be deposited. It will snow moderately in the Western Carpathians and western Carpathians, and the new snow cover will be locally consistent. The quantities of water will generally be 10-15 l / sqm and, in isolation, over 20 l / sqm.

The wind will intensify with speeds generally of 55-65 km / h in the south of Banat and on the ridges of the Southern Carpathians, temporarily blowing snow. In the rest of the country, precipitation in the form of sleet and snow will be reported especially on Saturday morning (January 8), especially in the southern hills.

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  • Mr Rearguard

    A few days ago you said everyone will be wearing shorts and t’shirts in January? Stop making stupid predictions. On a positive, so much for global warming nonsense eh?