Website with millions of visitors, owned by a Romanian, has spread false news in favour of Donald Trump

A 24-year old Romanian owns the ‘Ending the Fed’ website, which spread false news during the US election campaign in favour of Donald Trump, reports.

Among the false news: Pope Francis supports Trump, Clinton sells weapons to the Islamic State, Clinton Foundation granted millions of dollars to the FBI Director, the same source reads.

The mentioned website has 3.3 million sole visitors per month in the US. For comparison, USA Today has 1.9 million visitors per month, LA Times has 3.6 million sole visitors.

Contacted by the media, Romanian Ovidiu Dobrota says he is proud he could support Donald Trump, adding that his website is a propaganda one and is not very different from what the large press agencies do, according to Inc.

On the other hand, Dobrota says he regrets spreading false news, in the meantime he deleted them from the website after finding out they are not real. “You can check it yourselves,” the Romanian said.  He has a lot of accounts on the social networks with the same photo and various names. He asked the journalist not to reveal his name (the source says he has other names besides Ovidiu Dobrota) as he has recently received messages with threats and curses. “In the past I was a hacker, I am no longer. It’s dangerous to be a hacker,” he added.

As far as Donald Trump is concerned, the Romanian says he heard about him in October 2015 and he liked him. “I thought I could help him win the presidency with a website. So I’ve set up I am sorry for posting false news. I’ve deleted them, but at that moment I wasn’t aware they were false,” Dobrota said. He claims he has no connection with Trump’s campaign, he is just a supporter.  “I have no connection with Russia or Wikileaks, that should be clear,” he said.


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