What are the conditions to open the beaches in Romania?

After the announcement that beaches and terraces are opening as of Monday, June 1, the Economy minister has detailed what are conditions in which Romanians will be able to go to the beach or to the terrace.

Minister Virgil Popescu said that people will be allowed on the beach only if they stay on the sunbeds and the entry and exit to the beach will be made in an organised manner, based on some rules previously set by the authorities to avoid stampedes.

“Hotels, terraces, beaches will be open as of June 1, but we obviously have to observe some rules on the beach as well, 2 metres between sunbeds, we have to use only sunbeds when sunbathing precisely to prevent people from cramming (…) I think it is a first step to normality”, the Economy minister told B1 TV.

Restaurants will remain closed on June 1, with a new assessment on the re-opening opportunity to be made on June 15.

“The restaurants in the hotels will not re-open for the time being. We’ll discuss about the opportunity to re-open them on June 15 and if epidemiologists allow that, of course we’ll open restaurants as well. No restriction is imposed for the hotels, they have been opened, there is no restrictions on the accommodation capacity”, said the minister.

He warned the beach and terraces administrators on the Romanian seaside to make sure rules are observed, otherwise they will face fines.


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