What crimes have Romanians committed on the seaside this summer?

Drug traffic and consumption ranked first in the top of the crimes committed on the Romanian seaside this summer. The gendarmes say the cases tracked down this year are almost double than the previous season.

Over 108 crimes have been reported this summer in the Black sea resorts, as against 130 ones registered last year.

81 of those 108 crimes were related to the drug and ethnobotanical plants traffic and consumption. “Compared to those 44 deeds in the same period last year, now we have a 84 pc increase,” said the head of the Mobile Gendarme Division from Constanta, Daniel Mihai Ferencz.

He said that most the drug dealers and consumers have been caught in Mamaia, Vama Veche and Costinesti resorts.

At the same time, 11 APB out people, all homeless children from the foster homes, have been found on the seaside this summer, as against only three tracked down last summer.

The gendarmes’ fines mounted to RON 1.7 M, most of them being related to the illegal street business.


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