What was the French President’s menu while in Romania?

French President Francois Hollande, who paid a state visit in Romania on Tuesday, enjoyed a season menu based on Romanian fresh ingredients and traditional food. Two of the most famous chefs in Romania, Adi Hădean and Nicolai Tand were asked to cook for the dinner that PM Dacian Ciolos offered to Francois Hollande.

Chef Adi Hădean recounted on his blog that he and Nicolai Tand cooked pro bono for the official dinner and the menu included Romanian pumpkin bisque and mashed parsnip, trout and lobsters, mutton and aubergines, peach comfit and sweet wine from Transylvania.

Hădean also talked about the adventure on this occasion from the acquisition of all ingredients until “the difficulty of offering the bodyguards satisfying samples of some products”.

Therefore, according to the blogger chef, the menu was as follows:

Entrée: Romanian pumpkin bisque, baked mashed parsnip, sweated boletus with butter from Transylvania;

Fish: trout on stove plate, lobster bisque, mashed carrots, lobster tail;

Meat: mutton fillet, smoked aubergines, pepper sauce, sweated chive with butter and apple vinegar, crunchy carrots and blanched string bean;

Dessert: curds quenelle, egg-flip, whipped cream and peach comfit with vanilla;

Cheese: Romanian traditional cheese ripened in the cave, peach syrup and black truffles;

White wine: Solo quinta, Recaş;

Red wine: Apogeum, Tohani;

Sweat wine for dessert: Transylvania Nectar, Liliac.


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