Which are the Romanian cities boasting the best medical facilities?

Encompassing 16 state and private hospitals, next to another 90 private medical practices and pharmacies, Oradea, the capital city of Bihor county, northwestern Romania, was designated the urban city with the best medical facilities in Romania, according to a survey conducted by Storia.ro.

Brasov ranked second and Timisoara third, with Târgu Mureș, Baia Mare, Pitești and Cluj-Napoca coming next.

On the opposite side, the less advatangeous cities on medical facilities are Giurgiu, Focsani, Calarasi, Constanta, Bacau and Vaslui.

Bucharest ranks ninth in the ranking of the cities boasting the best medical services.

As for the historical regions, Banat was voted as the best one on medical services, followed by Maramures, Crisana and Transylvania. The regions with the poorest medical facilities are Dogrobea, Moldavia and Muntenia. Bucharest and Ilfov middle the top.

In terms of districts, Dacia from Timisoara ranks first on the best medical facilities in Romania. Stefan cel Mare from Bucharest ranks second and Gavana 3 from Pitesti comes third.

The study reveals that cities with more inhabitants, with a high GDP and a low unemployment rate are considered as having the best medical facilities, while the poorest healthcare services are in towns haiving less than 100,000 inhabitants and a high unemployment rate.

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