Which islands in Greece are affected by fires at the moment?

Infos for the Romanian tourists in the affected regions.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) stated that, during the day of July 23, 2023, new fires were reported in areas of the island of Evia, in Yliki (Thebes region), Metohi (Epidaur region), Dervenaki (Achaia region), Astakos (Messolonghi region) and Amigdalia (Volos region). At the same time, the island of Rhodes is still affected by fires, but all Romanian citizens who requested assistance from the Romanian embassy in Athens are out of any danger. Regarding the fire on the island of Corfu, there have so far been no requests for assistance from Romanian tourists, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“According to the latest information received by the representatives of the Romanian Embassy in Athens from the local authorities, the island of Rhodes is still affected by fires, the most significant outbreaks are in the area of ​​the towns of Asklepion, Platanisto, Karystos, in a context in which the authorities ordered the preventive evacuation of several towns including Kiotari, Gennadi, Pylonas, Livadi, Potami, Pernaraki, Platanisto, Karystos Laerma, Lardos, Lindos, Kalathos Malona, ​​Asklipio, Pevkos, Massair, Haraki”, reads a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Also, Romanian tourists who requested assistance from the Romanian embassy in Greece will be transported to the mainland of the Hellenic Republic according to the plan implemented by the local authorities.

“With reference to the fire affecting the island of Corfu, MAE informs that, according to the data communicated by the local authorities, the fire broke out in the afternoon of July 23, 2023, in the northern part of the island and spread to both slopes of the Pantokratoras massif, affecting the areas of Loutses and Perithia. In this context, the MAE specifies that the local authorities have ordered the evacuation of the residents of the affected area (Portes, Megkoula, Simies, Palia Peritheia and Saga) to the town of Kassiopi, and no requests for assistance have been received at the embassy”.

Also, MAE specifies that there are no data on the number of Romanian citizens evacuated from risk areas, the Greek authorities having as priority the safe evacuation of all affected people.

Romanian citizens can request consular assistance at the telephone numbers of the Romanian Embassy in Athens: +30 210 6728875; +30 210 6728879, the calls being forwarded to the Contact and Support Center of Romanian Citizens Abroad (CCSCRS) and taken over by the Call Center operators, 24/7. Also, Romanian citizens who are faced with a difficult, special situation, with an emergency character, have at their disposal the emergency telephone number of the diplomatic mission of Romania in the Hellenic Republic: +306978996222.

MAE reminds that a travel warning has also been issued regarding the maintenance of the heat code red and the danger of fires in the Hellenic Republic, for the period from July 20 to 27, 2023.

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