Wind gusts reached 180kmph in Tarcu Mountains

On Tuesday night to Wednesday, the wind blew at a speed of 180 km / h at the weather station in the Tarcu Mountains and speeds of over 100 km / h were in the Bucegi Mountains and in Călimani.

It was a period with strong winds in the mountains: at the weather station in the Călimani mountains the gusts reached 162 km / h on January 14, and in Omu, the wind blew with 158 km / h that day.

On January 18 at 11 pm the wind speed reached 180 km / h in a gust at the Țarcu weather station (2,196 m alt), and at 0 o’clock the wind blew at 166 km / h and continued to blow at over 100 km / h throughout at night. The Tarcu Mountains are part of the western region of the Southern Carpathians and are close to the city of Caransebes.

At the Călimani and Omu weather stations, the speeds exceeded 110 km / h last night.

On Wednesday morning, the coldest was at Toplița (-18.6 C) and Joseni (-17), and the warmest was at Constanța Dig station (-0.1 C), according to ANM data.

At 8 o’clock, the thickness of the snow layer was 168 cm at Bâlea Lac, 138 cm at Omu and 120 cm in the Țarcu mountains. On Tuesday it was extremely cold in the mountains even during the day: the maximum was -18 at Omu, -14.4 at Bâlea Lac and -14 C at Țarcu peak. The warmest was at Titus: +7 C.

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