Wizz Air delayed flights before Easter: Hundreds of passengers blocked at Otopeni

Wizz Air flights to Milan and Alicante were delayed at Otopeni/Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest on Saturday, right before Easter, leaving hundreds of passengers furious they could not reach their desired destination to spend the Easter holidays.

One of the flights was supposed to leave on April 15 at 7.05 for Alicante, and the new estimated departure time was 11.20. Thus, 200 passengers are waiting at the airport for the aircraft that must operationalize this flight, but which has not yet taken off from Bari to reach Bucharest with the subsequent destination of Alicante.

The second flight should have taken off at 7.40 to Bergamo-Milano, and the new estimated departure time is 13.10. We are already talking about a six-hour delay, the problem being that the aircraft that was supposed to operationalize the flight has technical problems, so now another one is expected from bases in Poland or Hungary.

Wizz Air representatives said that passengers can be rescheduled for another flight depending on availability, they can ask for a full refund or 120% in the form of a credit to buy tickets for a future flight.
A delayed flight is also announced on Otopeni, it is about a plane that has to take off at 15.30 to Seville, and which has an estimated departure time of 18.25.

Problems with a plane to Germany on Monday as well

Dozens of passengers were unable to board their flights to Germany on the first day of Easter, so they stayed at Otopeni airport. People say that Wizz Air has sold more tickets than available seats. The airline denies the allegations and says a technical problem may have led to the aircraft being switched to a smaller one. A passenger got sick after learning that his ride was delayed and needed medical attention.

180 people had scheduled, for the first day of Easter, the flight to Germany, with a Wizz Air flight. 58 of them remained, however, on the ground, due to lack of seats. The situation caused a real scandal at Otopeni Airport: people accuse the low-cost company of selling more tickets than the capacity of the aircraft.

“I bought three tickets at the same time. I bought them on the same day and he let her in and me not. The same receipt. We are a group, we have accommodation taken,” said one of the passengers. They say the incident ruined their Easter vacation.

Wizz Air denies that more tickets were sold than the plane’s capacity. Company representatives say that the 60 passengers remained outside after the aircraft was changed to a smaller one for technical reasons.

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