WWF Romania launches campaign to promote eco friendly initiatives

Change starts right with the small steps taken by each of us. Steps that are not just a statement, but which have become part of our daily behavior. For all those who want to “green” their lifestyle, for all those who want to live more sustainably, to make responsible consumption choices, WWF Romania has an important message: Treci pe verde!/Go Green!

Go green by WWF Romania is the virtual space where you can learn about existing businesses and sustainable initiatives throughout the country.WWF Romania has launched the project today, aiming to bring together and promote the sustainable initiatives and businesses.

Do you have a choice? Would you like to go out for a meal? Are you planning a weekend outing? At the same time, would you like to feel that you did something for nature? Enter the platform every time you need to make a quick decision, with the peace of mind that it is a good choice for you, your loved ones, but also for nature.

The project is in the beginning stages, for now we just gather the initiatives on the interactive map Go green and we want to create in the future a series of other initiatives that increase the visibility of these businesses and, implicitly, help them prosper for the common good of us all. WWF Romania has over 15 years of experience working with local communities, we have always acted to support local craftsmen and small businesses, in synergy with our conservation projects. People’s prosperity depends on how we take care of nature, and the way is to promote those business initiatives that can contribute to this solution “, says Hanny Bratu, Marketing and Fundraising manager at WWF Romania.

The NGO practically calls on sustainable businesses (producers and suppliers) to join the platform’s map.

“Help us expand the map, so that it can be useful to people countrywide. Anyone can propose a producer, a restaurant, an accommodation unit or a gift shop that are eco friendly and which respects minimum two of the following standards: they use natural materials&local resources; they recycle; they don’t use plastic (…) You’ll find what our slogan means, namely that ?<It is easy to be environmentalist>. So, be environmentalist on a daily basis,” WWF Romania says.

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