2014 Cultural Barometer reveals downward culture consumption trend

Romanians rather go shopping to the mall than go to theater, opera, library or cinema, 2014 Cultural Barometer reveals. The survey was conducted by the National Institute for Cultural Research and Formation (INCFC) and represents the most important statistics of the Romanian cultural sector.

Watching television (98 per cent), reading fiction books (50 per cent), listening to music (90 per cent) and leafing through magazines (55 per cent) are topping the preferences of Romanians when it comes to their domestic culture consumption.

According to the barometer, for example, about 14 percent of Romanians are going to shop at the mall on a monthly basis, while only 1.7 percent is going to the library to read.

80.6 percent of the respondents say they are not going to philharmonic music events, while 15.2 pc are going “very seldom”. Only 0.9 pc of men and 0.5 pc of women are going to the philharmonic in a weekly basis.

Opera and musical comedy consumers are down by 10 percent in the last 10 years and theater consumers are down by 14 percent in the past decade, being the highest decrease of a cultural consumption form.

Theater is mostly preferred by women, by persons younger than 34 years old and by highly educated people. Men choose to go to the theater once in 4-6 months (8.8 pc), while 5.8 pc of women are going monthly, 5.2 pc once in 2-3 months and 5.3 pc once in 4-6 months.

Thus, 18 percent of the persons aged 18 to 25 are going to more theater performances each month.

Festivals are on the other hand more attractive. 8.1 percent of the respondents are attending festivals four times a year, and 11.4 percent twice a year.

5.7 percent of the population went to the cinema at least once a month in 2014, with fewer men than women.

Libraries also seem an old time story. The barometer shows that 79.2 percent of the Romanians did not go to the library to read in 2014. The same goes for visiting museum and exhibitions.

On the other hand, going to the mall is widely spread, 13.7 percent of the Romanians ding that at least once a month.

In retort to the barometer, Culture minister Ionut Vulpescu said the survey is rejoing a lot of figures, with one missing, precisely the 0.08 percent representing the budget allotted to the national culture.

Unfortunately, the barometer also reveals Romanians’ poor engagment regarding the cultural patrimony protection. About 70 percent said they would not give money for preserving the national cultural patrimony, while 52 percent mentioned they would be willing to forward RON 50  of their budget for that.

Bucharesters, more fervent culture consumers

Bucharesters are going 10 percent more to the cultural events compared to the rest of the Romanian cities. The Capital’s locals prefer pop and dance concerts (22 pc), contemporary music gigs (16 percent) jazz-blues concerts (12 pc) and stand-up comedy shows (19 pc).

Classic theater is luring an important part of the Bucharest audience, 28 pc attending theater performances, 17 pc preferring independent theater and 12 pc puppet plays.

On the museums side, the most visited museum in Bucharest was “Grigore Antipa” natural history museum, with 59 percent, while the Romanian Peasant Museum ranking second.

There are 29 museum and memorial houses in Bucharest, most the national museum being located in the Capital.

Yet, 56 pc of the Bucharesters did not visit any museum institution last year.

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