5 Reasons to Watch “Chris Hemsworth: Limitless” on Disney+

Starting today, November 16, you will be able to watch National Geographic’s original series “Chris Hemsworth: Limitlesss” on the Disney+ streaming platform. In the six-part documentary series, international star Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”, “The Avengers” ) takes viewers on a personal rollercoaster ride as they face a series of physical and mental challenges designed by world-class experts, scientists and doctors to uncover different aspects of the aging process.

Here are five reasons why you should watch this series created by Oscar-nominated director Darren Aronofsky (“The Whale,” “Black Swan”) and his production company Protozoa, Nutopia, Jane Root’s company and his new company Wild State Chris Hemsworth and Ben Grayson:

1. Challenges beyond limits or how the human mind works

If you want to learn more about how you can extend your life and how you can maintain your health, the mini-series on Disney+ is the perfect choice. In addition to daring and exciting challenges, the series also showcases fascinating stories from around the world of people who have integrated the lessons of longevity into their own lives, with surprising benefits that we can all reap. Along with the experts who have joined the production team, actor Chris Hemsworth tries to discover the full potential of the human body and shatters the conventional wisdom about optimizing life, based on the latest scientific research.

2. The topic is approached in a way relevant for all ages 

The production explores how we can fight aging, with Chris Hemsworth himself testing scientific theories that could extend and improve life. The six episodes that are available today on Disney+ address topics such as: resistance to stress, which are the factors that can trigger our body’s own defense mechanisms against the diseases of old age, fasting, physical resistance, memory, but also acceptance of the aging process.

3. Distribution

We can’t help but include the fact that we see Chris Hemsworth in a lot of tense, vulnerable and emotional moments. To prepare the documentary, the actor required an authentic program of preparation and depth, with world-class experts and scientists, who guided Chris in six fundamental aspects to live better for longer.

4. Different perspectives

Accuracy is another strong point of the latest production on Disney+. The involvement of scientists allows for deep exploration of a wide range of topics. The personalities assisting Chris Hemsworth in the documentary series are:

  • Professor Modupe Akinola, associate professor of management at Columbia Business School, gives Chris the tools to deal with stress;
  • Dr. Sharon Sha, physician and clinical associate professor and associate vice president for clinical research in neurology and neuroscience at the Stanford Center for Memory Disorders, helps Chris combat the aging process of the mind;
  • Dr. BJ Miller, President and Advisor at Mettle Health, guides Chris on a journey through old age and mortality;
  • Alua Arthur, midwife of the soul and founder of the Going with Grace organization, prompts Chris to talk openly about his own death;
  • Professional diver Tanya Streeter trains Chris to hold his breath underwater.

5. Format: Series with 6 episodes

Being a condensed production in an efficient way and bringing essential information, the 6-episode series can easily be watched in one evening when you aim to relax and discover “wow” things.

Trailer is available here.

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