7th Hoinar Festival: 4 Shows by 15 International Artists in Bucharest

The 7th edition of Hoinar Festival has as its central theme the concept of Carnival and will take place between 10 and 14 May 2024, bringing together in Bucharest 15 artists of international caliber who will perform 4 incursion performances, on the stages of the ACT Theater and the Romanian Athenaeum.

Hoinar.Carnaval 2024 continues the mission that the festival has undertaken since 2016, that of humanizing and demystifying classical music, placing it in a concrete way in the middle of society and creating, through innovative approaches, new links between cultural and everyday life.

“Exploring the mysteries and fascination of masks throughout time, we invite the public to join a unique festival where the senses and emotions are the protagonists. In an exciting foray into the mysterious universe of masks, we will reveal characters and situations that reflect our everyday reality. We designed all the events to ensure the experience of an interactive journey, which removes the boundaries between the stage and the audience, giving the audience an authentic connection with the music, ”, said Florian Mitrea, the founder and artistic director of the festival, about the 7th edition.

The opening event will take place on Friday, May 10, from 19:30 at the ACT Theatre. Songs of the Clown is an audience response experience that promises to reconnect viewers with the present. It is a lied recital, supported by pianist Daria Tudor and mezzo-soprano Verena Tönjes, who take on the roles of Pierrot and Arlechino, creating an invisible but solid bridge between childhood and adulthood. The musical program is accompanied by readings and video screenings by Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marceau and Emmett Kelly.

Tickets are available here.

“It is not in our power to change generations. Moreover, I would say that it is our duty, as artists, to adapt. But we must do all this without compromising, by adaptation, the musical composition. And Songs of the Clown does just that: the composer conveys messages through the characters. Why the clown? Because it is one of those presences that has the ability to break through protective walls, allowing us to be completely honest and pleasantly reconnecting us to the reality we often run away from. Basically and after all, you can tell a clown the truth in any situation, because he won’t understand it anyway,” said Daria Tudor.

Winner of the Best Young Artist of the Year award at the 2019 Art of the Piano Cincinnati International Piano Festival, pianist Daria Tudor debuted at the age of 9 with the Radio Chamber Orchestra.

German-born mezzo-soprano Verena Tönjes is currently a member of the permanent company of the Staatstheater Mainz and has appeared in productions at the state theaters in Wiesbaden and Oldenburg. Also active on renowned concert stages such as the Philharmonic or the Konzerthaus in Berlin, Verena performed the score for Ligeti’s Aventures and Nouvelles aventures at the Cologne Philharmonic and has a varied experience in the opera genre that includes roles from Hänsel to Mrs Lovett (from the musical Sweeney Todd).

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