Angela Gheorghiu, Tiberiu Soare get ready for gala concerts

The Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris, the Musikverein of Graz and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam will be graced with the presence and performance of soprano Angela Gheorghiu in November. She will be performing then several gala concerts together with conductor Tiberiu Soare.

Thus, on November 9th in Paris, on the 16th in Graz (Austria) and on the 25th in Amsterdam, the soprano will enchant the audience, while the last day of the year will find Tiberiu Soare conducting a European orchestra, in a new gala concert, alongside Angela Gheorghiu. On New Year’s Eve, the two famous Romanians will perform an extraordinary concert in Baden-Baden (Festspielhaus) – Germany.

Soprano Angela Gheorghiu is a star of international opera. She was born in Adjud and, even since childhood, it was clear that music is her destiny. She debuted with “La Traviata” in 1994 and ever since, she took the stage in New York, Philadelphia, London, Paris, Salzburg, Berlin, Tokyo, Roma, Seoul, Venice, Athena, Monte Carlo, Chicago, Sao Paolo, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Valencia, Palermo, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur, Zurich, Vienna, Salzburg and many more.

Tiberiu Soare is one of the most well known young conductors. He debuted in 1999, by working with numerous philharmonics and opera theaters in our country and by touring in Sweden, Israel, China, Germany, Switzerland etc.

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