Mercury retrograde in Libra, October 10th – 25, 2014

Mercury’s retrogression phase is often shown by astrologers as a great tragedy or at least a trouble maker. But, generally, we meet such „tragedies” three times a year. They are equally apparent as the motion of Mercury. Only our perspective from Earth over its motion is different.

Thus, the time of its retrogression brings along a new perspective over things allowing us all to perceive aspects that we have missed during the direct motion of Mercury. We have missed them due to various possible reasons: we haven’t pay attention to them, they have been on purpose hidden from us or we might haven’t been ready to see them.

The change of perspective is one of the most constructive way to solve problems because, watching things from another angle, the problem itself is to change. And the new difficulty could have a solution more easily to identify and implement. Here the matter rests regarding Mercury retrograde. We perceive new perspectives. Their nature is suggested by the sign in which the retrogression occurs, this time in Libra, and the areas targeted for each native are pointed by the astrological house.

What sorts of events we should expect from Mercury retrograde in Libra?

Between October 10th and 25, 2014, Mercury retrograde in Libra brings along various clues, news or decisions having effects on marriages, partnerships, alliances, lawsuits, and other rivalries. Basically, a change occurred in a partner’s or a rival’s position or objectives leads to a change affecting the partnership. A turning-over is expected to happen through withdrawal, through re-negotiating the terms of a contract or the bases of an alliance; partners could become rivals or contenders, an alliance with a former enemy could seem the opportunity of the moment.

As a rule, Mercury in Libra is sensitive to courtesy, conventions and manners. However, by the time of its retrograde motion we shall hear words that would be not merely impolite, but most probably also very aggressive and rude ones and they will come from people we would expect the least. In fact, many behaviors will amaze us as coming from people at which we’ve previously noticed only the educated, diplomatic, aerial or conformist sides of them.

Lawsuits-related issues are of great importance, too. Rulings or relevant elements that came to the light during a legal procedure could alter relationships and alliances.

A very important time during the retrogression of Mercury in Libra is on October 24, as the new Moon and the partial solar eclipse occur in Scorpio whose analysis I invite you to read.

Here are the areas in which every sign will meet the new perspectives revealed by Mercury retrograde in Libra. Read more

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