Belgium ‘Poils’ wins Anim’est trophy

“Poils/Hair” directed by Belgium Delphine Hermans has won Cartoon Film Festival Anim’est 2014 on Saturday. The jury members, Amid Amidi, Christian Pfohl and Robert Morgan has cast their vote for the Belgium production out of 56 shorts for “its funny and feminine outlook on attraction and sexuality, for the fresh independent short-style esthetics”. Arcub granted the prize. It’s not the first time that Belgium wins the Anim’est trophy. “Oh Willy…”, directed by Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels was awarded in 2012. Belgium also won the Public Award with Cloe Alliez short “Oh My Dog!” in the Animash section.

The Best Short prize went to “The Obvious Child”, directed by Stephen Irwin, UK. The jury argued the “the film is offering a comic but at the same time thrilling depiction of the childhood’ s anxieties, through a spiced remake of the old-fashioned cartoon iconography”.

The jury awarded the French short “Premier automne/ First autumn” directed by Carlos De Carvalho and Aude Danset with a special mention, describing it as “a colored, obsessing and riddle-like portrait of men and women relationships and of dead dogs”.

Prize for the Best Feature Film award, sponsored by the Filmmakers Union in Romania, went to Brazilian cartoon “O Menino et o Mundo/The boy and the world”, directed by Ale Abreu for “the simple and expressive graphics which is giving a complex, authentic vision over the modern world”.

The Romanian filmmakers union also offered a prize for the Best Student Movie, which went to British shortie “Small People with Hats” directed by Sarina Nihei. The movie is “a socio-political outlook expressed by a funny but original visual language”.

Polish “”Nieprawdopodobnie elastyczny czlowiek/An incredibly elastic man” nu Karolina Specht won an honorable mention at the same student’s category.

Balkanimation Best Movie, granted by Romanian Casting Call went to Serbia for “Obican dan/A regular day” directed by Vuk Palibrk.“Baby Nap” directed by Paul Muresan got this year’s award for the Best Romanian Movie, granted by the Romanian Cultural Institute.

In Music Video & advertising section, prizes went to British Throne’s “Tharsis Sleeps” video by Nicos Livesey and Tom Bunker and to Rugby Bugs advertising spot produced by Matthias Bauerle, Fabian Fricke, Emanuel Fuchs, Martin Lapp and Carl Schroter for FMX cartoon, effects, games and trans media Conference at Stuttgart Cartoon Festival.

“SuperBot — Una cuestion de aumento/SuperBot-Eyeglass makes everything larger” directed by Argentinian Pablo Alberto Diaz and Gervasio Rodriguez Traverso won the Minimest section, catching the children’ s jury by humour and originality.

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