Bergenbier S.A. and ParkLake are supporting “Trash into Art,” an installation made from recycled PET

Bergenbier S.A., part of the Molson Coors Beverage Company, launches in partnership with ParkLake Shopping Center “Trash into Art”, an installation made of PETs by the artist Sergiu Chihaia.

The exhibition, which is available in the open-air area of ParkLake Shopping Center until October 9th, promotes recycling by turning plastic into art. The installation created by artist Sergiu Chihaia, with the support of Daniel Nicolescu, UNArte graduate, represents a chessboard, on which there are pieces built entirely from PET bottles, supplied by the beer producer.

“One of the pillars of our sustainability strategy is caring for the environment and in addition to sustained efforts to reduce the amount of plastic we put on the market, we also target awareness actions and consumer education. Through this partnership with ParkLake Shopping Center, we touch exactly this area and we are happy that we were able to support an installation signed by a Romanian artist”, pointed out Monica Constantin, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director Bergenbier S.A.

“Trash into Art” is an interactive installation, where visitors can play a game of chess with pieces made from recycled PET. The message that the artist conveys is that of transformation, but also of reflecting the impact people have on the environment. Finally, everyone can contribute to art through recycling, an simple action with great importance.

“Through my work I sound the alarm on the abundance of trash, but also include messages of hope, optimism, and joy, such as the current installation, where I invite people to play a game of chess with pieces built from recycled beer PETs. I think we can checkmate pollution through recycling, an action through which we can also make art. Besides, recycling is an art, and I urge everyone to be the artists who support the environment”, added Sergiu Chihaia.

Sergiu Chihaia is a sculptor, textile artist and designer and recently he is increasingly attracted to installations designed to draw attention to the negative impact that man has on the environment: nature suffocated by plastic, residues and waste. Sergiu Chihaia’s art is a manifesto and an impulse towards individual and social behavioral changes.

Daniel Nicolescu is a graduate of UNArte, fashion department, and currently works in the field of fine arts and fashion design.

The “Trash into Art ” initiative supported by Bergenbier S.A., in partnership with ParkLake Shopping Center, is part of the beer producer’s direction of responsibility, through which it targets three important pillars: people, the environment and responsible consumption of alcohol – highlighted within the launched platform last year,

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