Beyonce, dressed by Romanian fashion designer on stage

Beyonce used an outfit designed by a Romanian designer. Recently, the artist wore two of his creations on stage, in front of hundreds of thousands of people. The designer is a young man from a village in Bacău, who is currently working in the UK.

A jumpsuit inspired by military uniforms is one of the outfits worn by Beyonce in the concert in Chicago. The creation belongs to Cosmin Diaconu, the young man who left his native Moldova to the UK. Cosmin Diaconu is 24 years old and comes from Valea Seacă, a village in Bacău. He has a twin brother and an older brother, and for them, the parents went to work in Italy, leaving them in the care of their grandparents.

Eventually, the parents brought the children, too to Italy, but the mother’s disease prompted them to return to Romania. Cosmin graduated from a high school in his village, for he had no money to go a a school in the city. After graduating he left for UK to earn his living.

However, he applied to Cambridge, to fulfill his dream of being a fashion designer. “I finished college with the highest grade in the class, first. Everyone congratulated me, it was an absolutely phenomenal experience”, he said.

After college, his collection made it to Fashion Week in London. He then joined a company in the fashion industry, where he creates stage clothes for artists. Recently, Beyonce wore two outfits made by him.

“I really did not expect such a thing”, he said. Cosmin also has a message for children whose parents are away working abroad. “Have faith in yourself, even if your parents left you in the country because they don’t have the opportunity and can’t, even if you don’t do well at school and have many challenges, always have faith in yourself. You are a person who can do wonderful things. You just have to believe in yourself.”

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