Cinema and fine dining: Film Food at TIFF.23

Gastronomy can reflect history, but also the way society looks today or how it hides fantastic life stories. This is all about the films of the Film Food section of the Transilvania International Film Festival (Cluj-Napoca, June 14–24, 2024). As in previous editions, each Film Food screening is followed by a special dinner at Da Pino restaurant, prepared by renowned chefs, as an extension of the cinematic experience you just had. This year, it is about Radu Dumitrescu, Florin Dumitrescu and Paul Oppenkamp.

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Film Food: Buddha jumps over the wall

Sunday, June 16th

18:30 – Film Screening: Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, dir. Pedro Peira, Spain, 2024, 83’ | Cercul Militar

20:30 – Dinner prepared by Chef Radu Dumitrescu at Da Pino, presented by URSUS

“Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” is the name of a shark fin soup specific to the Fujian cuisine in China, considered a delicacy. It is said that when a Buddhist monk first smelled this soup, he couldn’t resist and jumped over a wall to reach it, and that Buddha himself would have done the same if he were in his place. This is also the title of the documentary directed by Pedro Peira, which follows the journey of chef David Yárnoz to Taiwan, where he opened a Spanish restaurant. Once there, he befriends Kai Ho, a local chef, and together they try to find new ways to innovate classic dishes.

After the film screening, spectators are invited to Da Pino afterward for a dinner prepared by Chef Radu Dumitrescu. He describes himself as not the typical classical chef, and even though he has always had a passion for cooking, he only pursued it when the time was right, which was 15 years ago. He insists that taste should be developed from childhood and that, always, less is more: “I believe that the ingredient should be the star and the chef less so. I travel a lot to find inspiration and to realize every day that food is a lifestyle and brings people together like nothing else.”

Dinner presented by URSUS.

Film Food: A Chef for Dalí

Monday, June 17th

18:30 – Film Screening: A Chef for Dalí, dir. David Pujol, Spain, 114’ | Cercul Militar

20:30 – Dinner prepared by Chef Florin Dumitrescu at Da Pino, presented by LIDL

Director David Pujol made both a documentary about Salvador Dalí and a miniseries about Ferrán Adrià, one of the most influential contemporary chefs, so it’s no surprise he ended up making a film that brings these two creative geniuses together. A Chef for Dalí introduces us to Fernando, a talented chef who flees from Barcelona to the village of Cadaqués after taking part in demonstrations against dictator Franco. There, he becomes the head chef of the El Surreal restaurant, opened by a surrealist artist fan, who only wishes for Dalí to come and dine there one day.

Responsible for the culinary experience after the film screening is Florin Dumitrescu, known as a judge on television shows like “MasterChef” or “Knife Fight”. Considered one of the most talented and charismatic chefs in Romania, he began his career as an intern in restaurants at just 14 years old, so it could be said he has spent more than half of his life in the kitchen, searching for the perfect mix between classic dishes and modern techniques. At the special dinner as part of Film Food, Florin Dumitrescu will experiment with LIDL ingredients to create a dish inspired by the Mediterranean vibe of the film.

Dinner presented by LIDL.

Film Food: Sugar and Stars

Tuesday, June 18th

18:30 – Film Screening: Sugar and Stars, dir. Sèbastien Tulard, France, 110’ | Cercul Militar

20:30 – Dinner prepared by Chef Paul Oppenkamp at Da Pino, presented by Nespresso

Becoming a name in the elitist world of pastry is no easy feat, especially if you’ve had a difficult childhood and often had to fight just for survival. Yet, at the age of 22, Yazid Ichemrahen managed, with great ambition and talent, to become one of the most appreciated pastry chefs of his generation. The movie Sugar and Stars, based on his autobiography, is a fascinating journey into his life story, showing you at the same time what it takes to do pastry at the highest level.

Right after finishing high school, Chef Paul Oppenkamp traveled the world on luxury cruise ships to better understand the culinary industry. At just 24, he became the executive chef on The World, the largest residential ship in the world. There, he met his wife, Mihaela, with whom he opened the ARTIST in 2012, in Bucharest, quickly becoming one of the most acclaimed fine dining restaurants in Romania. “Over the years, we’ve created our own identity, respecting our mission: ‘Inspired by global cuisine, influenced by the seasons, driven by innovation, our culinary journey is the path of creativity’,” he says.

Dinner presented by Nespresso.

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