Come and meet PET-re robot in Cismigiu Park

NATURA Fest is inviting Bucharesters to come in Cismigiu Park on Friday and Saturday to meet PET-re, a 3.7-meter high robot made of plastic bottles in an attempt of raising awareness against people’s negligence towards environment.

NATURA fest is an event dedicated to the World Environment Day celebrated tomorrow on June 5. Thus, NATURA Fest is joining the world celebration, proposing an adequate slogan “Recycle, rework, recreate”.

PET-re is a 3.7-meter high 1.7 –meter wide robot made of 500 plastic bottles of various sizes and materials. The volunteers created it in just four days.

The cute robot can be admired on Friday and Saturday, while visitors can also interact with it and to illuminate it by pedaling on two special bicycles, which generate electricity.

Children will have special activities in store within the event. They will be able to attend painting workshops on glass or jars, but also classes of making-up toys from PC components and pencil boxes from plastic bottles.

At the same time, to militate against the excessive pollution in Bucharest, NATURA Fest provides “Bicycles’ green cross” due on Saturday, starting 10 a.m.

The program also comprises acoustic shows performed in Cismigiu Park by famous bands such as Toulouse Lautrec, The Amsterdams, Grimus, Les Elephants Bizarres, Tony Baboon and Domino.


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