Documentary dedicated to the 100th anniversary of King Mihai I’s birth, at Bucharest International Film Festival

The 17th edition of the Bucharest International Film Festival will take place between September 3 and 12, and it will showcase, for the first time, a new historical section, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of King Mihai I of Romania.

Dan Draghicescu, associate producer of Bucharest International Film Festival 2021, together with Dana Dimitriu-Chelba, initiator and director of the festival, premiered this year the historical section dedicated to King Mihai, and the headlining film of this centenary, The King’s War /Razboiul Regelui will be screened at the festival.

The production is filmed in five countries, directed by Trevor Poots, with John Florescu as executive producer, Viorel Chesaru as senior producer and Dan Draghicescu as associate producer.

“The King’s War comes as the rain after a long drought. After years of communist propaganda and ignorance, the documentary shows the modesty, loyalty and courage of King Mihai. It was high time this film appeared, as evidenced by the way it is received by the people. The film has remarkable qualities. It is carefully documented. It has vivacity, color, originality and it is truthful and convincing at every moment,” the Romanian Crown Custodian, H. M. H. Margareta stated.

The film brings to the fore the period of World War II through the eyes of King Mihai, as a history lesson. Along with “Marie, Heart of Romania”, a documentary about Queen Maria and the First World War, “The King’s War” was included in an educational program through the first national historical tour, and these two documentaries cover the period of modern Romanian history up to the 1947s and the beginning of the communist era in Romania, shows the release.

“King Mihai had a challenging life. The film The King’s War captures the courage of King Mihai’s actions at the end of World War II. The documentary comes with explanations about the lasting sufferings of the Romanian people in those turbulent times until the end of King Mihai’s days in 2017. This Centenary year 2021 gives us the chance to reflect on his contribution to his nation and people,” says John Florescu, executive producer of The King’s War.

“As they say, understanding history helps us not to repeat the mistakes of the past and to honor our heroes. Models for the younger generations are hard to find these days and we rejoice even more for the BIFF audience, because this autumn, in addition to good films from international festivals, we will put our history on the screen, especially for the young audiences,” said Dan Draghicescu.

For the 17th edition, the festival will organize both indoor and outdoor screenings, in compliance with all the health protection measures and the rules provided by the current epidemiological context.

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