Dogs Romanian film, praised in the French media

Released in theatres in France on September 28, a week after its premiere in Romania, the film „Dogs” directed by Bogdan Mirică, is praised in the great publications in France. French newspapers like Le Figaro, Libération or Nouvel Observateur, as well as online cultural publications ad magazines like Paris Match and Time Out, recommend the film as one of the most important releases of the week.

„Dogs is nothing more than a contemporary western transposing behavioural archetypes to the screen- an honest man, outlaws and a sheriff in between. Only here it’s not about Arkansas (like in the Shotgun Stories, Jeff Nichols’s first movie) or Texas (like in the No Country for Old Men by Cohen brothers), but it’s about a deep Romania that makes Bucharest seem like a hedonist Xanadu,” writes Libération, while remarking the excellent role played by Gheorghe Visu.

„A neo-western that takes your breath away”, reads the headline of Time Out Paris. „Definitely, the Romanian New Cinema still stands! After Corneliu Porumboiu, Cristi Puiu or Cristian Mungiu, the new sensation of the Eastern Europe cinema is named Bogdan Mirică. More focused than his predecessors on the genre cinema, Mirică proves to impeccably mastermind the direction and to have a deep sense of the narrative tension. A real discovery.”

„This author thirller passes from efferverscent violence to an atavistic idleness. This alternance is causing, step by step, a tension that will end by throwing at your throat like a mad dog,” writes Paris Match.

Le Figaro writes „a mad Europe is boiling in this very promising debut”.

„Dogs creates anxiety, with all it has primitive, as a matter of fact, all is primitive in the film, starting with the characters, who seem to be led by a great artistry and by the perfect knowledge of the cinema art. Which makes us have big expectations from this 38-year-old film director,” Le Nouvel Observateur notes.

„An incisive movie, in the style of „Once upon a time in Anatolia” masterpiece by Nuri Bilge Ceylan,” Challenges magazine says. The critics go on saying that „seeing this crepuscular thriller of untamed beauty, it’s unthinkable not to agree with the jury.”

Dogs has been running in Romania for a week. The cinema programme will be updated on a weekly basis on

The official trailer available here:

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