Donate Today to Support the Defenders of Ukraine’s Endangered Cultural Heritage

Europa Nostra is joining forces with Global Heritage Fund “to support the defenders of cultural heritage in Ukraine as well as those working in the cultural heritage world who have been rendered refugees in their escape from Russia’s brutal aggression.”

Together with other international and European partners, Europa Nostra are actively working to ensure that Ukraine’s history will not be erased or rewritten. This includes providing emergency support for people working for museums, sites and cultural institutions.

Your generous donation will help Ukraine’s people stand firm in defense of the endangered heritage in their independent and sovereign country.

Working in museums, at heritage sites, for public bodies or NGOs, these frontline defenders of Ukraine’s culture are staring down guns and seeking shelter from bombs. One moment they were living lives just like ours; the next, these dedicated people were forced to choose among saving family, taking up arms, and preserving the heritage of their people.
Cultural destruction is often a desperate attempt to erase collective history and identity. Your donation will support efforts to prevent irreplaceable damage to cultural heritage in Ukraine,” reads a press release.
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