Enescu Festival 2019 to bring classic music to Bucharest boroughs

The organizers of „George Enescu” International Music Festival is launching a new project this year, „The city sings”, which is meant to bring classic music closer to the wider public, across the Bucharest’s boroughs – parks, museums and malls. The project will run during the festival, August 31-September 23.

Enescu used to play both in villages and on the great world stages out of joy to share music. <The city sings> project is materializing this idea. The festival’s aim is to preserve classic music for the audience’s interest and also plays a role in preserving and promoting Enescu’s exceptional gift. The project proves that classic music can be a suitable beat for the contemporary life, an attendant of the daily activities. It continues the effort of the great conductor to take music everywhere,” said Mihai Constantinescu, the Enescu Festival’s executive director.

Over 30 event venues (parks, museums, shopping centers, but also office buildings in Bucharest) will vibrate with the classic music’s energy all through the festival, with performances provided by the Cantus Mundi National programme’s singers and virtuoso players.

Musicians will be performing in several parks in each district of Bucharest: King Michael I Park (district 1), State Circus Park (district 2), Unirii Park (district 3), Tineretului Park (district 4), Sebastian Park (district 5) and Drumul Taberei Park (district 6).

At the same time, the artists will play in four museums: The Museum of Bucharest, Theodor Aman Museum, the Museum of Ages-Filipescu-Cesianu House, Nicolae Minovici Museum, as well as in four shopping centers: Băneasa Shopping City, Mega Mall, Afi Cotroceni and Sun Plaza.

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