Famous sculpture by Brâncu?i sold for USD 9 M in New York

One of the first versions of “Sleeping Muse” sculpted by Romanian Constantin Brâncu?i was sold for less over USD 9 M in New York on Thursday night. The work will remain in an American private collection.

The reserve price was USD 6 M, the sculpture being purchased in the end by the owner of a private consultancy art company, Kim Heirston, who was present at the auction.

The Sleeping Muse is a sculpture created by Brâncu?i in 1910. It was originally carved from marble using Baroness Renée Irana Franchon as the model. Refining the sculpture, Brâncu?i cast several of the sculptures in bronze, which are now in museums around the world. It is a model of a head, without a body, with markings to show features such as hair, nose, lips, and closed eyes.

Originally named “La Muse endormie I” was one of the five works selected and brought to New York by Armory Show organizers in 1913. After the display, it was purchased by Mary Harriman Rumsey, who was to become a faithful client and sponsor of the Romanian artists over the years.

The masterpiece is defining for the future evolution of Brâncu?i, as it is the first time the ovoid shape and stylized features are coming into light. These features will mark out his future works.

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