Fiction Tuesdays, the forgotten movies of the Czechoslovak New Wave, soon in Bucharest

If you always knew what you are going to do on Monday evening, namely coming to the Documentary Mondays, now the Czech Center in Bucharest helps you make your schedule also for Tuesday nights. The Fiction Tuesdays, a collection of fiction, fantasy, horror, comedy and experimental films, are kicking off at the Czech Center in Bucharest (11 Ion Ghica street, near Universitate) from February 27 until April 3. The movies will be screened as of 8 p.m.

Vampire cars, cats with eye glasses, the selfie stick of the 60s, carnivore plants, bearded women or topsy-turvy stories…it’s a journey in the science fiction and fantasy films of Czechoslovakia in the 60s, 70s and 80s, movies of the Czechoslovak New Wave that have revolutionized the cinema at that time and which still serve as inspiration for the filmmakers worldwide.

The fiction films selected for the Fiction Tuesdays are a delight for the subversive film’s fans, but also for those who are simply fascinated with unusual cinema approaches.

Horror film “Ferat Vampire”, is the story of a car thirsty for blood, dubbed by more social and political dilemmas existing in Czechoslovakia in the 60s (they are also relevant for the world nowadays). It is also the inspirational story of a doctor, which reveals the fierce irony against the car industry and a subtle attack against capitalism.

The next film is “Ikarie XB-1 (Voyage to the End of the Universe)”, a science-fiction production that will project viewers in a future world (in the year 2163), islanded with spaceships. The action and psychological elements are not missing the show either, with the crew’s adventures also including the breakdown of one of the members and the danger of a nuclear weapon.

When the Cat Comes” is the fantasy story with psychedelic tints of an unusual cat, with magic eyeglasses. It’s a literally colorful movie, suitable both for children and parents, which illustrates how the human conduct is seen through the eyes of a cat.

Dinner for Adele” is a film with New York detectives and botanist villains, missing dogs, carnivore plants and animation created by the famous Jan Švankmajer, who brings a little suspense in the film.

I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen” introduces us in a sci-fi dystopia, which is alike a tasty comedy-from the year 1999 (the movie was released in 1970) we go back in 1911 and see the protagonists trying to assassinate….Albert Einstein, with the very goal of help women get rid of beards and infertility.

The last film is the black comedy “Happy End”, which is based on the premise that all love stories start happily and end sadly, and thus, the only way to provide a happy end is to just reverse the narration.

Movie lovers are therefore welcome at the Czech Center every Tuesday night, for six weeks, for a free time travel.

The Romania Journal is among the media partners of the event.

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