Film about great sculptor Brâncuși to be released in UK

Romanian movie “Brâncuși from eternity” directed by Adrian Popovici will be released in UK theaters. The premiere is due on January 24.

The film was noticed by the film critics and distributors in Great Britain in December last year, following trade shows for BAFTA voters and for UK Critic’s Circle.

Three periods of time, three stories and three characters are building the storyline of the movie, which aims at depicting the personality of great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși.

The main story is focused on Brâncuși’s maturity, catching the period after he arrived in Paris, the period of his friendship with Modigliani, but also the period of his relationship with Martha, one of his favorite models. Despite her uncounted betrayals, she remained faithful to Brâncuși until his death.

The second story is the one of Marin Etu, an Arts student in Bucharest when the communism regime was installed. Due to his critics against some members of the Romanian Academy who refused the inheritance that Brâncuși would have offered to the Romanian state, student Marin Etu is sentenced to 13 years in prison. After his release, the former political police Securitate makes him forge many of Brâncuși’s works.

The third plot features Milarepa, a great scholar who lived in Tibet in the 12th century. Brâncuși was a huge fan of Milarepa, as well as Marin Etu. During detention, Marin Etu heards a lot about Milarepa’s life from a cell mate. So, Milarepa becomes the bond between sculptor Constantin Brâncuși and forger Marin Etu, the bond linking their destinies.

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