Fans’ Favorite Foreign Netflix Originals

From Lupin to Money Heist, fans seem to be going crazy for non-English Netflix originals, so much so that searches for Money Heist have risen by 90% in the last 7 days. Interested in finding out which show reigns champion, OnBuy’s TV and Home Cinema department surveyed 6,750 people and can reveal all.

Netflix Show: Country: % that chose the show:
  1. Money Heist
Spain 93%
  1. Lupin
France 89%
  1. 3%
Brazil 87%
  1. Elite
Spain 84%
  1. Biohackers
Germany 85%
  1. Dark
Germany 81%
  1. Call My Agent
France 79%
  1. Cable Girls
Spain 78%
  1. Crash Landing On You
South Korea 74%
  1. Boys Over Flowers
South Korea 71%
  1. La Casa de las Flores
Mexico 68%
  1. Vagabond
South Korea 67%
  1. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)
Germany 64%
  1. The Rain
Denmark 62%
  1. Atelier
Japan 59%

The Spanish hit Casa de Papel, also known as Money Heist tops the list of foreign Netflix originals fans enjoyed most with 93% of votes. From the thrilling game of cat and mouse the team plays with the police to the catchiness of the Bella Ciao soundtrack, there’s so much to love about this four-part series!

Despite only debuting on Netflix on the 8th of January, people voted Lupin as their second favourite (89%). The French show may have only had five episodes in its first part, but that was enough for lead actor Omar Sy to rope us in and make us look forward to the second part. Exploring themes of betrayal, vengeance and justice, it’s already in the running for the best show of 2021.

In third place with 87% of the votes is 3%. The Brazilian dystopian thriller set in the future is one many can’t stop talking about. Often compared to The 100 and Hunger Games, it follows a group of individuals who have to complete “The Process” or face being eliminated.

Completing the list is Japanese drama Atelier with 59% voting it as one of their favourites. This coming of age drama follows Mayuko and her relationship with her boss as she starts working at an Underwear store, and the show has been compared to The Office and Devil Wears Prada. It explores themes of maturation, pursuit and transformation and has earned its place in the list.

Which countries produce the most popular originals?

Tying for first place is Germany, Spain and South Korea with three shows per country making it into the top 15.

The most popular from Germany were Biohackers, Dark and How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). Spain tops three shows Money Heist, Elite and Cable Girls. South Korea’s top three Netflix originals were Crash Landing On You, Boys Over Flowers and Vagabond.

Following behind is France with two shows making the list: Lupin and Call My Agent.  Thanks to 3%, Brazil finds itself on the list of countries producing the best foreign Netflix originals. Denmark makes the list with The Rain as its only entry into the top 15, much like Mexico with La Casa de las Flores (11th) and Japan with Atelier (15th).

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