Romanian female artist makes original poster for the Star Wars series: The Acolyte, available on Disney+

On June 5, the new series Star Wars: The Acolyte was launched on Disney+. On the occasion of the premiere, Andra Busuioc, illustrator and digital artist, was chosen to join the 4 artists from EMEA who took up the challenge to create a poster inspired by elements from the new Star Wars production.

For this creative project, 5 visuals were selected to be published on the Disney+ and Star Wars online and offline platforms.

The Acolyte reveals in 8 episodes an investigation of a shocking crime from the past of a respected Jedi Master, a journey where nothing is what it seems. The central theme of The Acolyte series, the darkness taking shape in the age of light, was found in the creation of the artist, who was inspired by the feeling of obscurity of the new production, whose action takes place during the period of the High Republic.

“I was impressed by the colors of the costumes and their messages, the way Star Wars always plays with lights. I wanted to bring a more humanistic touch to the old battle between light and dark, so I chose the character of Mae as the central element and the dichotomy between good and evil, as an overwhelming struggle with the sole purpose of winning it. I wanted to explore the concept of mentorship and how it shapes the way we see the world,” Andra says.

Moreover, Andra, aged 32, resonates with this dark universe proposed by the series The Acolyte. After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication, she felt directionless and so began her adventure in the artistic world. In an attempt to understand himself better, he began sketching his nightmares on a whiteboard, which ignited his passion for drawing. Later, together with a friend, he founded a creative studio in 2014, and the timid passion turned into a career.

“I am deeply inspired by movies, series, science fiction, animation and comics, with a small dream hidden somewhere behind the deadlines, to have my own publications at some point. I am also a big fan of video games. I have I grew up with Star Wars, and my love of sci-fi has led me, more often than I care to admit, to dream of what it would be like to work on a project where spaceships, droids and galaxy travel are the order of the day.”

For The Acolyte poster, the artist chose dark surrealism, seconded by symbolism, but with fantasy accents, to arouse curiosity and to confer an aura of mystery that can be associated with the overlap of the two worlds: good and evil.

“Years ago, when I was learning to draw, some teachers would often refer to the Disney studios approach to the complexity of creating a character and how they render personality from a few lines. I always admired their work and their talent for create whole worlds. When I first saw “Star Wars” and “Disney+” in the project brief, I jumped for joy. I am very grateful for the opportunity and the creative freedom that Disney+ offered it. It was a fascinating adventure to immerse myself in the world of Star Wars and I loved every pixel of this project,” added Andra Busuioc.

The first three episodes of The Acolyte are available on Disney+ and a new episode premieres every Wednesday. Trailer here.

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