What Is Romania’s Favorite Movie Genre?

A study at Cloudwards reviewed data from popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney, Google, Amazon, and iTunes to discover each country’s most popular TV and movie streaming genres in 2023.

According to the findings, comedy is the most popular movie genre in Romania, with the drama genre following closely behind. This suggests that Romanian audiences enjoy both humor and emotional depth in their movie-watching experience.

Drama is the most popular genre for streaming, with 28 countries preferring it. Action and animated movies/shows tied for second place with 23 countries each.

Caribbean and South American audiences show a strong preference for animation movies, with countries like the Bahamas, Bolivia, Jamaica, and Mexico leading the trend, while India’s preference for action reflects the country’s rich history of martial arts and adventure.

Westerns are still beloved in Canada, a country famous for its wide-open spaces and rugged landscapes.

The survey also showed that romance, thrillers and documentaries were notably absent as top genre preferences.

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