Wild Romania story available for free as of today

The team that created Wild Romania, the largest documentary film project dedicated to nature in our country, is giving a gift to all nature lovers before the winter holidays: free access to the story behind the making of the documentary that won this year with 3 Gopo awards (The best documentary, best original score, best sound).

The stories gathered by Dan Dinu and Cosmin Dumitrache during the 11 years of work to make the documentary delighted the audience in the Q&A sessions of the special events where the documentary was presented, so the team decided to show the adventure behind the film in a making of.

The Wild Romania story is a nearly two-hour production that follows the incredible journey and unknown challenges behind the scenes of the documentary and can be seen, starting today, for FREE on the project’s official YouTube channel.

“We were pleasantly surprised during the documentary’s theatrical release campaign to discover great community interest in behind-the-scenes work. Footage of the team on the ground had some of the biggest impact online. This convinced us that the story behind this project must also be told. To be honest, it was also a surprise to us that the making of montage was almost as long as the original film. It seems to us that the winter holidays are a good opportunity to give the Story of Wild Romania as a gift to all those who supported us or were curious to learn about the entire project,” said Matei Truța, executive producer of the documentary and vice- the president of the Wild Romania Association.

The way in which the documentary was made ethically, without archival footage and exclusively in Romania, opened one of the most relevant conversations in the public space about the need to preserve nature, and its impact is supported by the impressive number of festivals at which he was admitted and the prizes he collected.

Wild Romania was in the program of 20 national and international film festivals (including TIFF – Cluj, Romania; Alpin Film Festival – Brașov, Romania; Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival – Germany; European Film Festival – Singapore; Washington DC Environmental Film Festival – USA; International Nature and Environmental Film Festival – Hungary) and won 8 important awards (including the Audience Award at Wildscreen, one of the most important profile festivals in the world, which takes place in Great Britain)

After last year’s success in Romania, we were very happy to see that our documentary was also appreciated by the international audience. Participating in high-profile festivals has opened up new collaborations for us, and the awards we have won have shown us that we are on the right track. We are happy to now be able to share with you the whole adventure behind the film, to really understand the complexity of this endeavor. Naturally, we will not stop and take the current success to new projects, but without moving away from the basic idea from which we started, that of educating and supporting nature conservation through our work,” said Dan Dinu, the initiator of the project and the director of the documentary.

At the same time, at the beginning of this year, Wild Romania launched a mobile application dedicated to understanding the biodiversity of our country. The 6,000 users of the Wild Romania application have permanent access to advice and recommendations about the geographical regions of our country, as well as complete information about Romania’s national and natural parks, but also about other protected natural areas. They can create lists of areas they want to discover and see spectacular photos of landscapes, fauna or flora, made by members of Forona (Organization of Nature Photographers from Romania).


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