French Film Festival touring 8 Romanian cities

The French Film Festival will take place in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, Sibiu, Buz?u, Târgu-Mure? and Constanta during October 31-November 9, the French Institute in Bucharest informs. The festival’s 2014 theme will be “Guignolesque in cinema. From past to present”, the guest of honor being director Pierre Étaix. Cinema openings will not miss the scenery at Elvira Popescu Hall. ‘Young directors’ section will present eight new productions. The audience will be offered eight of Étaix movies, among which “The pretender/ Le soupirant”, “Yoyo”, “Health is better than everything/ Tant qu’on a la santé”, “The great love/ le grand amour”, “The crack/Rupture”, “Happy birthday/ Heureuex anniversaire”.

The most recent French productions including iconic actors and directors will be released with the occasion of the festival: “Yves Saint Laurent” by Jalil Lespert, “The foam of the days/L’ecume des jours” by Michel Gondry and a feature about the famous cartoon character Little Nicolas.


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