German Film Days this week in Bucharest and in Timisoara March 9-12

The 15th edition of the German Film Days will take place from Thursday to Sunday at the Elvire Popesco Cinema Hall in Bucharest, and for the first time in Timisoara on March 9-12 at the Victoria Cinema Hall.

According to the Goethe Institute, the special guests of this year’s edition are Mario Sixtus, director and screenwriter of “Hyperland,” and Lisa Bierwirth, director and co-screenwriter of the film “Le Prince/The Prince.”

The programme and tickets are available here.

The festival opens with “Touabab”, a comedy that follows the relationship between two friends who are forced to get married, even though they are not gay.

It’s also about marriage in “Hello Again – Ein Tag Fur Immer / Hello Again – A Wedding a Day,” but this time the wedding day is relived in a loop where the main characters have a lot to learn; “Mein Sohn / My Son,” shows us the trials and tribulations of a mother and her son in an attempt to get closer, while “No” shows what Dina and Michael have to go through in their relationship stifled by absurd expectations and social pressures of all kinds.

In “Als Hitler Das Rosa Kaninchen Stahl / When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit,” a film adaptation of Judith Kerr’s children’s novel, we relive the drama of little Anna who has to flee Germany with her parents in 1933, leaving behind her beloved pink plush rabbit. This year’s edition ends with brave and funny disabled patients from a group called Die Goldfische, who go on the adventure of their lives that defies any rule.

The 15th edition of the German Film Days is organised by the Goethe-Institut in Timisoara in partnership with the German Cultural Centre of Timisoara.

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