Get ready for Halloween…Thriller party at Bran Castle on November 1st

Halloween is celebrated a day later, on November 1st at Bran Castle through a thriller party where Count Dracula, screams and dance if iele (the famous Romanian wicked fairies) will be in the limelight. Starting 7 p.m. until past midnight, guests will get warm inside Bran Castle’s dark, cold walls over a glass of red-blood wine and Count Dracula will reward bold children with. …candies.

Visitors eager for fun are invited in the castle’s royal park where 1931 Dracula movie will be screened starting 7.30 p.m. and where “Halloween After party” will actually kick off starting 9.30 p.m. Though horror outfit is not a must have, participants had better not forget to dress up, as the most original outfit will be rewarded.

Tickets are available at the castle’s pay-desk on that very night: For the access to the Count Dracula, wicked fairies and red wine night tour the price is RON 50. Those who want to enjoy the horror movie screening, “Halloween After Party”, black vodka shots and wicked fairies’ dance will have to pay RON 75.

Halloween is a holiday in many English-speaking countries that is celebrated on the night of  October 31st. Children wear costumes and they go to peoples’ homes saying “Trick or treat!” to ask for candy, sweets in the United Kingdom, or lollies in Australia, and then people give it to them. This practice originally involved a threat. A threat is when someone says that they will do something bad if they do not get what they want. People sometimes dress up as ghosts, witches, goblins and other scary things for Halloween.



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