Godard’s 3 D feature “Adieu au langage”, released in Bucharest

“Adieu au langage”, the first Jean-Luc Godard’s 3 D full-length film will be released in Bucharest, at Les Films de Cannes a Bucarest due on October 24-30 at Studio, Patria and Elvira Popescu cinemas. This is the seventh movie of the biggest-shot directors in the cinema’s history to compete for Palme d’Or, being already awarded with the jury prize at Cannes Festival this year. The 83 years old director’ new visual experiment tells the story of an adulterine couple and a dog Roxy, the very Godard’s dog. Independenta Film will distribute “Adieu au langage” in Romania

Thomas Cailley’s “Les Combattants” will be also released in Romania on this occasion. The film is following the relationship of a young man unwillingly taking over his family’s little business to Madeleine, a young woman obsessed with army, surviving techniques and the doom. French actor Mathieu Almaric can be seen in “La Chambre Bleue”, that he also directed.

Sweden brings “Force Majeure” by Ruben Östlund to Bucharest, paving its way to 2015 Oscars. A father abandons his wife and two children in front of an avalanche in the Alps during the winter holiday. His coward move will dramatically change relationship with his family.

Argentinian director Lisandro Alonso signs the period drama “Jauja”, a FIPRESCI favorite. Viggo Mortensen is a Danish captain who leaves for Patagonia in search for his runaway daughter somewhere in the 19th century. His adventurous trip is a reflection turn to existence, imperialism, barbarism and civilization.

Hispanic film will be also represented at Films de Cannes a Bucarest by the “Hermosa Juventud” Spanish drama directed by Jaime Rosales, which explores the young generation’s dilemmas, a generation choked by unemployment and delusions. Precisely, the movie tells the story of a young couple living with their mothers who found out is going to have a child of their own. Jobless and moneyless, the two youngsters decide to shoot an amateur X-rated film.

Mexican film “La Jaula de Oro/ The golden cage” is also tackling teenagers’ delusions following the story of 4 teenagers who decide to illegally leave Guatemala for the U.S. The movie’s title is in fact a Mexican song which deplores the immigrants’ fate who are finding themselves trapped in “golden cage” after they cross the border. The movie is distributed by Voodoo Films.



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