Reptiland, a unique project in Europe, brings the Amazon jungle to the Center of Bucharest

The Romanian Capital is getting richer, starting this summer, with an educational and biodiversity conservation project, unique in Europe – REPTILAND. The project will recreate, through a mix of large, self-sustaining terrariums and state-of-the-art technology, fragments of the Amazon jungle right in the heart of the urban jungle.

Developed in a completely new location, Reptiland is a unique, spectacular concept that attracted an investment of over one million euros.

“In a world where nature is missing from urban agglomerations, where digital experiences are becoming the favorites of new generations, Reptiland proposes a paradigm shift and, through technology as a means, not as an end, creates an oasis of wild nature accessible to all, even in the middle of the city. Reptiland Bucharest is the first step in our business strategy, wanting to take this project to all European capitals. We rely on the proven beneficial effects of living nature and develop the business model of the future, in which entrepreneurial interest is natively intertwined with concrete results in biodiversity conservation and increasing the well-being of the communities in which we operate, all thanks to technology used wisely,” said Daniela Marișcu, Reptiland partner and investor.

Reptiland will cover an area of ​​1000 square meters and will include large terrariums with total lengths of over 40 meters, giving the general public access to hundreds of species of exotic plants and reptiles, brought from all over the world specifically to could be admired by Bucharest residents of all ages. The different species of reptiles will be presented to the public in their natural setting, in large terrariums, unique tech-fusion products, where technology merges with nature, designed and developed by the Touch Nature Design team, the only suppliers of such terrariums in the country and from Europe. These will be based on specially designed microclimates to recreate the natural habitat of living things.

Reptiland is the expression of our passion for nature and the best it has to offer. It is a unique project not only in the country, but also in Europe, which we thought in such a way as to give back to the community the joy of interacting with wild nature. Reptiland is a complex project that will grow and diversify from year to year and that responds to the need to educate new generations about the importance of the environment and biodiversity. That is precisely why Reptiland was conceived as an interactive, multisensory experience, mixing the latest digital technologies – VR, AI – with the unique exhibition of microclimates of plants and reptiles. I owe it to young people what the Faculty of Horticulture Bucharest within USAMV gave me: discovery, amazement, passion”, said Adrian Atinge, Director of Touch Nature Design and initiator of the Reptiland project.

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